07 June 2007

To Do

  • Cut down lots and lots of bamboo
  • Build contraptions to string up peppers and tomatoes
  • Keep chickens away from Joanne's flowers
  • Weed
  • Put netting over strawberries and blueberries to keep the birds out
  • Harvest peas, lettuce, spinach, chard
  • Give snow peas to Steve-o
  • Get bales of straw
  • Smell the tomatoes
  • Breed hundreds of ladybugs; sic ladybug army on aphids
  • Update the garden map so we don't forget even more of what we planted
  • Thin turnips, carrots, radishes
  • Turn compost
  • Attempt to dig out some potatoes?
  • Seek and destroy cabbage worms
  • Watch the beans grow
  • Organize seeds
  • Plant grass near garden gate
  • Mulch around plants
  • Admire the garden

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