03 June 2007

We have a garden.

We talk about it a lot. Here it is:

We talk a lot about our rain barrels, too. They're pretty impressive:

We also have chickens. We love them, but they're a pain in the ass. Here are the ladies:

We have loads to blog about, including why the chickens eat our neighbor's flowers and why our red bell peppers might turn out to be junk. Stay tuned.

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Kate@LivingtheFrugalLife said...

Okay, second comment on your blog today. Digging back through your archives, I see you're way down in Downingtown. And you shop, or at least have shopped, at the Emmaus farmers market. That' an impressive reach.

Looks like your hens are Red Stars. Mine are too. And my garden is about the same size as yours, and, if you can believe it, more unruly. I can't even find stepping space in large swaths of the garden, and that's after a fair bit of hacking back. I can't even locate the oregano or the celeriac, though I'm pretty sure they're both still there somewhere. I'm trying to look at it as a live and learn situation. Next year, I cut it back to no more than three bush zucchini, and no more than 15-18 tomato plants. And the potatoes will be planted in wider rows, too. The kale, chard, and leeks are all pretty well behaved though.

This is a fun discovery for a steamy Sunday. I'm going to keep reading now.