23 November 2007

We wanted a lot of garlic this year. We ordered some from Seeds of Change, won some from a dude on eBay, bought some at a farmers' market, and were given some of this house's resident garlic (Music garlic, which has been planted here for years). All together we have:

Georgia Crystal
Russian Giant
German Extra Hardy
Chesnok Red
Spanish Roja
Emmaus (some mystery variety we picked up at the Emmaus Farmers' Market)

At the end of the day we had 429 cloves of garlic planted in two and a half nice, composty beds, and covered with a few inches of broken down grass clippings and old straw.

Don't be alarmed by the smoke. We had us a little old-tomato-plant-fire to keep us toasty while we planted.

We planted some of the garlic earlier in the season and just mulched it today. It's already sprouted and has made some good headway so far. The new stuff will probably sprout soon, considering the weirdo temperatures we've been having--it was 70 degrees yesterday and 40 today. Either way, we're going to be eating major amounts of garlic scapes in June and harvesting a boatload of bulbs not too long after that.

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