01 November 2007

When Nature Calls

I went out back to feed the chickens this morning and I figured to clean out their coop while I was there. I got about half-way done when Peggy finished her breakfast in the pen area and started pacing in front of the coop like a person who needs to use an occupied bathroom. I was like, "Oh crow; she needs to lay an egg." She became so impatient that she got into the coop while I was quickly trying to finish shoveling, which the chickens normally never do. She then proceeded to hop up on the top roost (Still shoveling) and just stared at the empty space where the nesting box should have been. So I got the last shovel full of old stuff out, threw a few hand-fulls of fresh pine shavings into the nesting box, put the box back to its rightful spot in the coop, and closed the roof. Moments later there was the faintest sound of chicken groans coming from within. If I had a copy of the morning paper, I would have left it for her to read. I love those chickens.

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