08 December 2007

It snowed; now we can eat.

Last year we made a big batch of squash soup and froze some for the winter. It was our first foray into saving food. We were excited about it, and in order to keep ourselves from eating all of the soup in September we made a rule that we couldn't eat any of it until we got snow. However, we forgot to take into consideration the fact that southeastern Pennsylvania winters are crap in terms of snow and didn't get to eat any soup until sometime in February. And even that was kind of a stretch, since I was the only one who saw the snow: four individual flakes that fell as I was waiting at a traffic light on my way home from work. In retrospect, it could have been ashes from someone a few cars up holding their cigarette out the window. Either way, we ate the soup and it was totally worth the wait.

We instituted the snow rule again this year, but lucky for us we didn't have to wait as long or fabricate reports of snowfall. Earlier this week we got a respectable (for early December) inch and a half, which was topped off yesterday by a couple snow showers. So this evening we made the inaugural trip to the freezer and came up with some beautiful, delicious, 100% homemade pasta sauce.

We cooked it with frozen seafood and some cream, and it smelled so stinking good–tasted that way, too.

Pasta, bread, wine, and a seed catalogue. Yum.

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