28 December 2007


We arrived home from Pittsburgh to find a note from Chris, our landlord, stuck in our door: "Meg and Kelly, Tom [a neighbor] has many bags of leaves waiting by his garage to be taken if you're interested. Too much for me to carry alone." This afternoon when we came back from the grocery store there was another: "There are now more than 13 bags of leaves in Tom's yard (As of 3:02PM)."

We are always interested in getting more leaves for our ongoing compost projects and Chris seemed especially intent on us picking up leaves from Tom (whose German shepherd was once attacked and chased away by our chickens, incidentally), so this afternoon we dragged the yard cart up the road to get them. We ended up with twenty huge bags of leaves, and there are still about ten big piles on the ground in Tom's yard waiting for us if we want them. We're stashing them near the shed until we find a drier home for them, and in the spring they'll be turned into piles of nice new compost.

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