05 December 2007

Satellite Compost

Though the chicken composter experiment is coming along fantastically, our yard contains way more leaves than the chickens can handle. We talked about various ways to manage all the leaves next year, since it's kind of a pain in the ass to gather three acres' worth of leaves and haul them to a central location–and we've got to do something with them, since we can't let all that future compost go to waste. We eventually stumbled onto the idea of erecting compost bins all over the place, so the leaves and grass clippings and various other yard junk could decompose in their respective areas. Last weekend we gathered up some random metal stakes and pieces of fence and built a shiny new compost bin. This one is near the garlic, and will get leaves from the orchard and the gigantic old tulip poplar that's nearby.

Here is where a photo would be if Blogger wasn't always so ornery.


mom said...

What a great idea! Mom

Anonymous said...

Just looked at your blog and it's great. I'm so impressed with all your abilities, I'm technically challenged when it comes to this kind of stuff. Can't even figure out how to put remembered telephone numbers in my cell phone. Happy to hear about you both from your Mom and that your chickens have recovered from their snit. They can be picky can't they? Would love to hear from you. Keep on keeping green, I envy you your opportunities. Love Grandma