04 January 2008


Two out of three chickens agree...

...parsley prevents bad chickenbreath.

Our chickens are picky about their food. We miscalculated our feed reserves and wound up having to give them crummy non-organic Purina for a month or so, during which time they laid a grand total of six eggs. When we were once again able to get their regular organic feed from my mom's chicken food connection, our birds started laying immediately and haven't stopped. Last week we learned that my mom's chicken food source had suddenly gone out of business, and with only a small pile of the ladies' feed left, we started scrambling to find a new chicken food distributor.

Thanks once again to the brilliance of Google, we discovered Organic Unlimited, a Pennsylvania Certified Organic (what's that mean?) feed mill just 20 minutes away. Today we took a ride out and picked up some food. We forgot to bring the camera with us, which is unfortunate because the place looked like a cross between a brewery and a cement mill: there was a big line of giant metal tanks connected with conveyor belts and chutes, and a big warehouse stacked with bags of feed. It also smelled like a pet shop, but it was very clean and the office and warehouse looked brand new. They sold two different kinds of feed for laying birds, each with a different mineral content. We chose to pay the extra 80¢ for more minerals, since the ladies' diet isn't as varied during the winter. Except for that parsley.


Kylee said...

Meg, did you know I wanted to have chickens ever since our neighbors' visited our yard a couple of months ago? Romie doesn't want them and in reality, with the cats and our rather large dog, it probably wouldn't be a good idea. Plus, we really don't have a place to keep them and we'd have to build that. So I suppose this is one argument that Romie will win, but they're so cool and it would be great to have our own eggs.

Katie said...

Parsley - yum!

Your chicken stories let me have chickens vicariously through you. Thanks!

Katie at GardenPunks

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hey Meg, as you know, I think your blog is cool and chock full of really interesting and helpful information. I nominated your blog today for the 2008 Weblog Bloggie Awards under two catagories: "Best New Weblog" (had to be started in 2007 and judging from your archives, you did) and "Best Topical Weblog".


Thanks again for a cool Blog! :-)


Meg said...

@ Kylee:

Our chickens terrify the resident outdoor cats, and the three of them ganged up on and chased a German shepherd--so don't let other pets deter you! However, they scratch the hell out of any freshly turned dirt, so I fear that your kickass flower beds would be history. Kelly says, "I don't want to come between you and Romie, but I have two words for you: Galvanized Fencing. It keeps chickens in and critters out."

@ Katie:

Our parsley was yum until it got frost bitten--now it's limp and funky-smelling.

I think chickens would be cute running around between your raised beds! Though your neighbors might not think it's so cute when they figure out how to fly over the fence.

@ Farmgirl:

HA! No way--that's awesome. Thanks!

Kylee said...

Yeah, I figured. My aunt said they'd ruin the flower beds, too. She said she grew up with chickens so she knows. I'll just enjoy yours. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I've been following blog links this morning and found yours. It's great! I added you to my Google Reader so I don't miss an entry. It's always nice to find another blogger living the lifestyle.

Meg said...

Robin, thanks! We've added you, too.

Kelly said...

Kylee - Although chickens are a terror to flower and vegetable gardens, they are very useful to have digging around before planting and after harvesting. It's pretty funny to watch them go to work. We're currently trying to figure out how to get video into our camera and onto the blog. When we do we'll be sure to share the humor.

Hello Robin - Thanks for stopping by. We love to hear from fellow gardeners who happen to saunter by. I visited your blog and am happy to see another reader of Michael Pollan.