07 January 2008

Fruit Salad

Before we left Pittsburgh last week, Judi and Dan re-gifted us with a fruit basket they'd gotten. They were already working through a giant crate of apples, so I guess they were at their fruit threshold for a while. Though the basket itself was a keeper and will be doing harvest duty in the garden this summer, the fruit was unfortunately kind of crummy and quickly turned soft and gross.

So we chopped it up and fed it to the chickens.

The talking in the background is Kelly saying, "Fruit salad!" and then, "They laid three eggs."


mom said...

Video!! You guys are awesome. Mom

Katie said...

I want chickens too! So funny. They would totally keep me entertained. I'm a simple girl...

Katie at GardenPunks

Ali said...

Love the video!

What kind of chickens are they? They look remarkably similar to my Golden Comets.


Meg said...

Hi, Ali--our chickens are half Rhode Island Red and half White Rock. A local place breeds them, and they are quite good egg layers. They have never, ever gone broody, though, so I don't know what would happen if we tried to get chicks from them.

Ali said...

Ahh, they sound similar to Golden Comets, which are hald RIRs and half Barred Rocks.

Ours haven't gone broody, although at one point this fall several of them started laying their eggs in the vegetable garden once we let them in there to glean the remnants.

We have no rooster, so no home grown chicks for us.