27 January 2008

He's Not So Bad

Sure, our landlord doesn't let us use the hose, and our roof leaks, and birds live in our ceiling during the summer, and there's no hot water to speak of, or water pressure for that matter, and the windows don't close properly, and the whole houses slopes abruptly downward the east, and we can't get cable, and the internet doesn't work when it rains—aside from all that, he's a thoughtful guy. He lets us have chickens, after all, and we can dig up and do whatever we want to the yard, and just this evening he gave us four elusive Stonyfield yogurt lids with an offer for a free Organic Gardening subscription, which I have been hunting for weeks.

Handwriting translation:
"Meg and Kelly, Are y'all interested in this?
Please note expiration date (31 Jan 2008).

And he even washed the lids or something.* Thanks, crazy dude!

*or something, which I am not willing to think about very hard, is that he let his cat lick them clean.


frugalmom said...

Its all good, right? Sounds like you have it pretty alright! And I am very envious of the fact that you can have chickens and that you have such an awesome water set up....and even in the simple fact that you got all 4 lids of the yogurt and can now get a free subscription! I have 3 kids here at home and we have been slurping yogurt...I still dont think I am gonna make the deadline. At this rate I may as well just order the magazine, right?!

That was just don right nice of the landlord.

Katie said...

Well, since you put it THAT way...

Anyone who advocates OG magazine is Ok in my book...

Katie at GardenPunks

kate said...

Now that's cool - you can raise chickens and your landlord even gave you something. That's pretty good!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Maybe the lids cancel out birds in the house.

OG + July issue = a couple of lines about me.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Good, but...when's the future house going to be present-tense house? After this gardening season?

Meg said...

Frugalmom, good luck with the yogurt eating! I swear, I must have checked the grocery store four times over the past month, but they never had the stuff with the proper lids. I was pretty excited when I saw those lids yesterday!

Katie, he's super good about promoting organic stuff--obsessive, actually, though I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. Thanks to him our yard has been totally organic for 20+ years, so we know what we're digging into when we plant stuff.

Kate, yup!

Robin, that's awesome! Would that be the upcoming July issue, or were you in this past summer?

El, we would love it to be after this season. We've been doing the job search thing and targeting colleges in rural areas not too far from where we're at now ... so we'll see how that goes. As for the space-time-verb tense continuum that will be disturbed when future house turns into present house, that's a whole 'nother matter.