11 January 2008

Hi, DC Gardeners

To all you DC Urban Gardeners who are looking for information on rain barrels, hello!

While we don't have detailed plans or instructions for our rain barrel system online yet, we plan to write a series of posts about the barrels in the next week or two. Hopefully you can garner the general idea from the photos and descriptions we've already blogged about.

We'll be sure to write about things that turned out really well for us, as well as some things we'd do differently if we had the chance. If there's anything specific you're interested in finding out, please leave a comment or drop an email our way.


Katie said...

I for one cannot wait for these posts. The suspense is killing me!

Katie at GardenPunks

Meg said...

Oh, the pressure!

susan harris said...

I'm writing an article for 2 Maryland papers about rain barrels - can I ask you a couple of questions via email? Write susan@sustainable-gardening.com, please Thanks.