09 January 2008

Washington, DC in 500 words or less.

So, yesterday we headed to Washington, DC to meet with Kelly's dad, Bob, and see the Edward Hopper show at the National Gallery. It's hard to write a coherent report of what was a fun but scattered trip to the city, so I'll just give the highlights.

We parked outside of the city and took the Metro in. Washington has a great transit system, and the underground stations all look like leftover Star Wars sets. Here's a shot from when we emerged onto Pennsylvania Avenue into ridiculously warm weather. It got up to 73° in Washington yesterday.

We hiked to the museum and waited out front while Bob found a parking spot. While we were waiting we took this photo of the Canadian Embassy, which is right across the street from the gallery. The Canadians have the best deal in town, because they can run across the street to the totally free National Gallery and check out art on their lunch breaks.

We also took this faux artistic shot of our reflection in the museum's windows.

After the show, which was great, we went for coffee and met with Bob's cousin Jimmy, who works in the city doing something governmental. Jimmy provided us with a National Lampoon-esque driving tour of the city, mild whiplash, and tips about which of Washington's "No Left Turn" signs are serious, and which are just faking. I managed to get a couple half decent photos while hanging out the car window.

After Jimmy took us on his (literal) whirlwind tour of the city, he took a photo of Bob, me, and Kelly in front of the Washington Monument.

Jimmy is really not that great of a photographer. After the photo shoot, we visited with ol' Abe.

And we took one last look at the Washington Monument before we headed back to the train.


mom said...

I can't really tell from the photo if Kelly looks like his Dad or not.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

LOL, my mom takes the headless shots, too! We have years of them. They actually tell wonderful stories, in and of themselves. :-) Sounds like a really fun trip - and 73 degrees to boot!

Kelly said...

Hey Laurel, Just picture me old and ugly and that's my dad. See you next week.

Farmgirl_dk, The trip was fun, the weather was fantastic, and our photo decapitation was one of the funniest parts of the trip. There's something about hanging out with family that completely changes the rules of socializing. It truly is great fun.