04 February 2008

Linkity Links

Kelly and I both have super long workdays on Monday, so instead of a real post, I present you with a bunch of other people's posts that I've been mostly too busy to comment on for the past week or so:

Rob at One Straw Revolution built this very cool sustainable Victory Garden and plans to get suburban Wisconsinites growing some of their own food, composting, and collecting rainwater—all for under one hundred bucks! We're all about that.

Katie from Garden Punks has a nice discussion going on about The Omnivore's Dilemma; catch her thoughts on Part Two here.

Patrick at Bifurcated Carrots is blogging about Hawaii's attempts to ban aspartame and asks for help contacting various officials to show support for the ban. For anyone who's interested in fostering greater consumer choice when it comes to food, this is certainly worth taking a minute to send a couple of emails.

I'm going to dinner at El's house, because she's got a freezer loaded with good stuff.

And then I'm going to raid Ali's pantry, which she show off in her addition to the What the World Eats photo essay that's been making it's way around the 'net.

Deconstructing Venus has got some new goat babies! They're friggin' cute.
Your regularly scheduled blogging will resume tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Come on by!

I mean to make a post about Whom I Would Love as a Neighbor. You two are definitely on that list. I would borrow your trailer, you could...start your seedlings in our greenhouse. But I won't make you weed.

Meg said...

Hey El, we'll give you a heads up if we're ever in the neighborhood ;) Yeah, if you made us weed that would be a dealbreaker.

Katie said...

Hi guys,

I second the nomination for the garden blogger team I'd most like as a neighbor!


Meg said...

Katie, imagine the kickass garden we could have if we pooled our resources. That would be fun!

Katie said...

Well you know we're taking signups for our Northern California commune....if you want to move in about 10 years when we aren't totally upside down and can sell our house and buy some land and live in a yurt...haha!