02 February 2008

Seven Things

So, Robin tagged me for the ubiquitous Seven Things Meme that's been making its way around the interwebs. In order for me not to have bad luck for the next eleven years, I must tell you folks seven interesting things you might not know about me. I thought long and hard about this list and came up with about three things, and then made Kelly tell me other things I could say. Here's what we came up with:

  1. With the exception of our chickens, I'm afraid of birds.
  2. I can't snap my fingers.
  3. My best party trick is that I can reach up under my jaw, about halfway between my chin and my ears, and pull out the glands that are in there. That grosses Kelly out.
  4. I haven't had a haircut in eight or nine years, but my hair is relatively short. I just chop off various parts when they feel too long. Somehow it doesn't look as bad as it sounds.
  5. I'm extremely good at untying knots.
  6. For my real job I'm a professional writing tutor at a university, but I'd rather have no job at all and stay home to read and garden all day.
  7. I can't float on my back in water. I sink. I can't dive, either.
There will be a quiz on Thursday. As per the official rules, I'm supposed to tag seven new people to participate, but since so many of you blogger types have already done this, I'm going to break the rules. If this meme hasn't made it your way yet and you want to join in, then consider yourself officially tagged. And let me know, because I don't want to miss out on reading seven random facts about any of you.


kate said...

Those were fun - I think Kelly should take a pic of you pulling out your glands. That must be cool. I can't do any tricks at all.

My son can't snap his fingers either.

Do you sink when you float facedown?

molly said...

OK, I will play tag because I am newish to this blogland, now let me think........

Kylee said...

I can't snap my fingers either! It just comes out as a "thup."

Meg said...

Kate, interesting ... I can float face down without sinking (for 45 seconds or a minute, at any rate).

Molly, cool!

Kylee, that's what I get. Kinda sad.