16 February 2008

Three Rivers

Thirty years ago this view would have been hidden by a thick fog of pollution from all of the steel mills.


Mad Man Bamboo said...

Nice shot, glad to hear the view has improved over the years.


Christina said...

It's beautiful. People complain about the smog here in the LA area (and rightfully, it is a smoggy place), but I have to say that in the 11 years I've lived here, it has become quite noticeably clearer. As frustrating as the environmental crisis is, doesn't it feel good to find places where things really have improved?

Kelly said...

Sean, Anyone who visits Pittsburgh has to see it from the top of Mt. Washington. It is a small city, but it has a whole lot of character.

Christina, It really is great when a city can make a positive turn. Unfortunately a lot of blue collar folks lost their jobs as a result of the mills closing; but as the city redefined its image, so did its workforce. They have a bright young mayor doing some pretty positive things. I'm excited to see the progress they make in the next decade or two.