02 March 2008


Last year, as Meg implied yesterday, the herb garden was allowed to go to shit. There were a lot of herbs we had to go without and needless to say we were not pleased. Aside from some sage and thyme, nothing survived the wave of weeds. This year we plan to plant herbs intensively to reestablish the order of things. We hope to grow enough to dry some out in our new dehydrator (should arrive tomorrow).

The other day some of the dill we planted sprouted. It's interesting to learn what plants can be started indoors and which need to be direct seeded. Apparently dill doesn't transplant well and should be started outdoors, but we are so damn hungry for fresh herbs that we figured we'd take our chances.


Di said...

Hi Kelly, I would be interested in learning more about drying dill (and other herbs) in a dehydrator...do you have any links?



Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Thanks for reminding me to start my dill. If I wait any longer it will be too late.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Kelly
I don't germinate my own herbs .. no room in my house (plus a cat mower ? LOL) BUT .. I love herbs as the dill and a must have in the garden .. I'm lucky that my bronze fennel reseeds in a lot of places in my garden .. so at least that is a free herb for me !
Good post !

Woody said...

dill is hard to get rid of once it's started...at least for us that has been the case. Same for horseradish.

Robbyn said...

LOVE fresh dill! Congrats...a new dehydrator on the way...you should get a great spice collection going from that :)

Kelly said...

Di, I believe that Angie at Children in the Corn (She's on our blog roll) is pretty clutch with a dehydrator. I would recommend giving her a shout for links and tricks.

Debbi, You've got me thinking; I wonder how well dill does in a pot indoors.

Joy, We have outside cats and they seem to be more drawn towards the mint more than anything else. It's funny to watch them zone out for a few hours after they've done a little grazing.

Woody, Thanks for the heads up. The folks who previously utilized our garden planted horseradish and let it go. That stuff is now a permanent fixture where ever it damn well wishes to pop up.

Robbyn, We are pretty excited. I personally can't wait to dehydrate some of the wild berries we get in the spring.