28 March 2008

In Which Our Parsley Returns from Beyond the Grave

Don't you wish all those rocks were in your garden? I do.

We've had a really mild winter—less than ten inches of snow and an average temperature of 40°F—and the garden is loving it. Right now we have parsley, swiss chard, bok choy, kale, and lettuce that have slowly been doing their thing since the fall. Temperatures are supposed to be in the mid-50°s for the next week, so perhaps we'll be eating salads by next weekend.


Anonymous said...

10 inches?!?! We had 100.2 and still got snow this past weekend. Our average temp is still not up to 40... for March! The snowfall was record setting and the temps pushed it to the second cruelest winter on record. Either a very good, or very bad year to start winter gardening in Wisconsin!

Good looking parsely. One item of note (not to be a downer!!!) I would start reading up on pest control and prevention as the insects may also have survived in above average numbers. You should get chickens or something for pest control. Er, right.

Twinville said...

sigh.....fresh salads. How blessed you are with your beautiful warm weather.

Meg said...

Ohhh....I am *so* envious right now. I miss my lovely parsley. I think it died from being suffocated by all the snow we've had this year. We just had another 4 inches of snow this past Thursday, it will be in the 60s with thunderstorms on Monday, and snowing Tuesday. I think I just need to build a greenhouse and stick with that, weather is just too plain crazy. Tomatoes have been showing up pretty regularly in my dreams lately. I need it to be spring or summer already...

sugarcreekfarm said...

Technically I don't think you're even allowed to call that winter. ;)

El said...

Well, eat your parsley now kids because it is going to bolt on you right quick (unless, that is, you happened to plant it from seed in the fall). It's a true biennial. Good thing though is you can harvest the seeds for next year's crop, but...you're going to need to plant some seeds to have any this year.

And I don't think you can call that "winter" either! :)

Meg said...

oooh, damn Blogger just ate my comment.

short version:

-thanks for the advice, all!
-lol at all the appropriate places
-no, this doesn't really count as winter
-we'll let this go to seed so we can replant next year..hadn't thought of that!
-and we'll try to rustle up some chickens from someplace to eat the bugs ;)

kai said...

The other folks are right - that's not winter. We're forecast to get a bit of snow tonight, even.

I'm new to your blog, but we have potted herbs (parsley included) for winter use. The parsley committed suicide around the winter solstice, then brought itself back to life, and is growing crazy at the moment.

I wonder if you could make a pesto-like parsley concoction and freeze it for future use...