09 March 2008

Mail Call!

About a week ago, when I posted our seed inventory for the coming season, I mentioned that we forgot to pick up carrot or parsnip seeds. We were going to run to the overpriced fancy-pants garden store that's down the street and pick some up, but Jenny quickly jumped in with a much more fun alternative. She recently went to a very enviable seed exchange and netted hordes of extra seeds; lucky for us she offered to share her extra carrots and parsnips. When we heard that offer we said, "Hell, yes!" or something to that effect, and a few days later these guys showed up in the mail:

Early Gold and Scarlet Nantes carrots, a mystery parsnip, and parsley root. Awesome!

If you're not familiar with Jenny's blog, Seeded, definitely check it out. She writes about her garden, of course, and cooking, and about how she is covertly turning her husband into a local foodie. Also, she just put up a great diy on how to roll your own ... seed pots. heh.


Crafty Gardener said...

Gardeners are so generous. I get many of my seeds from exchanges. I also give lots of my seeds away, especially to new gardeners.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they got there okay. Here's hoping for a good crop!

notsocrafty.com said...

Jenny is great, she sent me Purple Cherokee tomato seeds and Creeping Thyme. I really enjoy her website too.