01 April 2008

Look at this mess.

This is the weird, rubbery ghost of an eggshell that was blowing around the floor of the chicken house this morning. At first I thought the ladies were pulling an April Fool's prank, but no. Someone just laid a stupid egg. The insides of it were glopped on the floor of the coop, and there was no yolk, so I just kind of covered it up with pine shavings so the birds didn't eat it. I've said it before and I'll say it again: damn chickens.


Anonymous said...

Don't despair, Meg! The first eggs of the year are often like this--the weird, rubbery shell et al. It's especially true if you have pullets laying for their first spring. No worries, they'll soon pull themselves together and start laying real eggs!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Maybe you just need my little girls to come and show your ladies how a proper egg is laid.

CeeCee said...

We call those 'pretend eggs' at our house.

Twinville said...

hehehe. I had one just like it today and I've others before that. Mine tend to be round and rubbery, but the last couple were round and had a real shell, although a weak shell.

Thay also had no yolks, too.

It's just a first year layer thing.
Your girls will get their laying mechanisms straightened out soon enough.

incapearl said...

These are all very true--chickens are still the dumbest creatures on the face of God's earth--though, it wouldn't be home without them!