03 May 2008


Some of our friends from grad school came along with us this weekend, and that meant we needed to rustle up some extra tents. Fortunately one of our friends, Large, comes from a family that's big on camping so she was able to borrow a couple of tents from her dad. Unfortunately, one of the tents was about 35 years old and either it had extra parts or it was missing pieces—it's hard to say exactly what was wrong with it, but something was definitely amiss.

Jeff and Jess, the two who would be using the ancient tent, started putting it together themselves but soon called for backup. Kelly and Large came in to help.*

Not much progress is made, so a strategy meeting is held.

Large quits, and the rest of the tent pieces are forced into place.

Jeff shoots the tent an angry look as he wonders why it is nearly as tall as him, but only half as long.

The fly is on. Wow, what a spiffing tent.

I wonder why this company isn't around anymore?

*As I was doing this post and talking about that sad tent, Kelly said, "Please do not put up any photos of that tent with me near it. I do not want to be associated with that catastrophe."


Anonymous said...

must spring to the defense of this classic tent, the Eureka Timberline. I have spent many, many, many nights in a Timberline, and can honestly say that they are among the most sturdy, durable, weatherproof tents available. We used them for Conservation Corps tents, and believe me, they were abused yet never failed. It looks to me like you had the wrong sized ridgepole, maybe?

Anyway, I just this winter replaced my beloved 20+ year old Eureka Alpine Meadows, which saw me dry but freaked out through Hurricane Bob and another horrible storm a few years later, as well as many many camping trips AND my years with the conservation corps. Dome tents throughout the park were collapsed due to Bob, but not my trusty tent! You can see aphoto of my Alpine Meadows tent here: http://henbogle.wordpress.com/2008/02/03/camping-fools/

glad you survuved the trip!

Meg said...

Ah, so that's how it's supposed to look!

It did pour one night and the ol' Eureka did just fine ... whatever we did to it wasn't pretty, but it still worked okay.

Twinville said...

heheh. You never did say how the guys fit into the tent that night. Was it long enough???