21 July 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

This is the pupae of a tobacco hornworm. We found (and squashed) a handful of these in May.

This is a tobacco hornworm that apparently escaped being squashed in May. He didn't have the same luck tonight.


CeeCee said...

The chickens love those little green snacks!

Twinville said...

Adios, garden thieves!!!

Michelle Ellis said...

I always wondered what those things were tobacco horn worm huh?

I'll be killing them now(:

PlantingOaks said...

Is that what those are? I've dug a couple of them up in the flower beds while planting (and tossed them on the patio for the birds), but oddly haven't seen any hornworms.

I had assumed they were junebug larve, since they're similar colors.

Anonymous said...

Now i'm completely befuzzled! Do we get those tobacco whatsits in the UK too? I pulled something exactly like that out of my roots bed yesterday and binned it straightaway out of fear! How interesting!!