25 July 2008

Beach Bum 101

We're heading to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Every summer Meg's family and two other families rent a big ass house for a week and relax their brains out. To give you an idea of what we're in for, everyone is required to bring a case of beer (and it can't be crap) and a half gallon of liquor. These people do not mess around.

Meanwhile, Steve has volunteered his services while we're gone so that everything around here runs smoothly (yes we know how incredibly lucky we are). The house where we'll be staying has internet access, so we will be able to keep up with the blog. Hopefully Meg and I will be able to get some camping in at Cape Henlopen. I've personally gone camping at Henlopen at least once every summer for the past few years. There's nothing really special about the place, but I always feel rejuvenated after every visit. Keep your fingers crossed for favorable weather.

So, hang tight, grab your sun screen, and hopefully we'll see you tomorrow. Cheers.


Kelly said...

Oh my god, you people do live the life. What I wouldn't give for a week in Rehoboth -- but having moved from DC to Austin, that has become logistically challenging.

If you go, do enjoy a pint at Dogfish Head on my random Internet stranger behalf.

CeeCee said...

Have fun. Stay away from the water once all that liquor kicks in, though.

Weeping Sore said...

Have a blast at the beach. I grew up in Silver Spring MD and each summer we'd spend a week at Ocean City. One summer we rented one of those big old places in Rehoboth. In the old days, I remember the vast undeveloped tracts of land between OC and Rehoboth. Last time I was there, circa '98, it was all one big beach town.

Twinville said...

Aaaahhh! Memories! We spent a few summers at Rehobeth when I was a teenager. Most of my time was spent in Ocean City, though. I even went there for a week after graduation with friends. Party hardy!!
Ocean City is party central. But with all that booze, you're gonna be partying hard, too.

Hey, do they have loping hens at Henlopin?

Kelly said...

The beach was wonderful. We missed our garden terribly, but it is always good to hang out with family and friends.

Oh, and Kelly, we tipped a King Midas and an Indian Brown ale for ya. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

My brother, his family, and assorted in-laws spend time every summer at Rehoboth Beach, but we've never been there. Looks like we were playing with the extended family on the beach at Emerald Isle, NC, while you all were over in MD. Nothing like the beach to revive you, is there? Then it's back to the garden (and chickens).