03 July 2008

Dumber than a Bag of Hammers

Ever since we got a pet that's actually quite clever, the chickens have seemed more stupid than ever.

That's why I really appreciate this New Yorker piece by Simon Rich, which features a conversation between two free-range chickens. I think all you chicken aficionados might enjoy it.


“Hey, someone refilled the grain bucket!”
“Is it the same stuff as yesterday?”
“I hope so.”
“Oh, man, it’s the same stuff, all right.”
“It’s so good.”
“I can’t stop eating it.”
“Hey, you know what would go perfectly with this grain? Water.”
“Dude. Look inside the other bucket.”
“This . . . is the greatest day of my life.”



Jen (Modern Beet) said...

I am a regular reader of the New Yorker, and this gave me a giggle when I came across it last week... ah, the life of a free range chicken :)

your exploding cabbage is quite sensational too! -- I wonder what caused it!?

Danielle said...

That is hillarious! Thanks for sharing... I never pick up the New Yorker outside of a doctor's waiting room. Maybe I should!

Robbyn said...

Ok, that's a hoot!

Twinville said...

Oh! if only life were as simple as that for us humans! haha

Meg said...

Hi, Jen! I think the consensus on the exploding cabbage is that it got too much water too quickly, and BOOM! We weren't around to hear it, unfortunately.

Danielle, Robbyn, and Twinville, I thought the chicken story was hilarious. The New Yorker has some really entertaining stuff hidden amongst the theater reviews ;)

Anonymous said...

Priceless, Meg! I think I'll give my chickens a dramatic reading...