13 July 2008

Nagel's Double Image Photography

For those of you who get into limited series, be it on the television or the radio, you may enjoy this. My Aunt Terri and Uncle Rich are posting what, for the time being, will only be a one-month blog titled Nagel's Double Image Photography. If I have my information straight, the blog is a photo journal of sorts of their trip following the glacier path from Glacier NP to Olympic NP. The Journal is part of a grant my aunt applied for and I’m not to sure what they have to do with the information once the trip is complete. But here is what info I did get from her in a recent email:

I applied for a teacher creativity grant from Eli Lilly Corp here in Indiana- they review and approve 150 or so grants every year from the 500+ applications received. You know I love photography so it was easy to write a mission statement with passion. Anyway it was approved first try! I was fortunate since so many people I know say they were not approved until after several tries if at all. The grant was for $8,000 and I submitted a budget with the proposal that covered the costs estimated. It bought photography equipment and materials but we have used a large portion of it for diesel fuel which has gone up about 25-30% since I wrote the grant. Such is life but we are having such a wonderful time that we wondered if we won't do this at least 50% of our time when we retire! Such an awesome country we have full of beauty that soothes the soul indeed! Anyway we are having a great time learning new things like blogging and using this upgraded digital equipment, and of course sharing our experiences with good friends and family.

This blog will go on until somewhere near the end of July. Like I said, this is a limited series. They both have a fantastic eye for photography and their hearts are genuine. The combination really shows in the shots they take. It’s inspirational for sure. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Wow--awesome!!! And an inspiration to us all to get off our rumps, get out there, and do what we really love.

Kelly said...

Hello Ben,
They are amazing people. And it seems they are amazing people without internet, because they haven't posted in a few days. I guess that's the hurdle for blogging on the road. Thanks for your support.