23 July 2008

New Toy

This baby's got a flywheel, height adjusters, and a three-spool roller. Yep, all that and it was free (props to Meg's mom).

We mentioned a while back that the grass around here doesn't get cut that often. To be a bit more accurate, it's only been cut three times so far this year. I've got to admit that it is quite nice. We really don't have to worry about neighborhood ordinances and what not that would force our landlord to cut more often, so he'll let it grow over a foot before he gives Steve the okay to cut it. That's when we follow with rakes and use the clippings like the straw it is to mulch anything that needs it. Like I said, it is quite nice. The only drag is that the tall grass along the perimeters of our gardens usually trends towards encroaching and being thoroughly bothersome.

Our solution is this new-to-us kick ass mower. A few passes around each garden and we will be good to go.

Side note:
Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a non-electric chainsaw with low emmissions? If no, where would we go for a good timber saw and what would we ask for? If you have any input to these queries, please include your response as a side answer. Thanks a ton.


Riley & Tiki said...

"non-electric chainsaw with low emmissions" - wouldn't that be an ax? ;)

Dave said...

How big of a piece of wood are you looking to cut? Under 4", get yourself a nice pruning saw; over that, buy a bowsaw. Ben Meadows is a bitchin' forestry supply house (I'm annoyed that I left the catalog behind when I was laid off!). Shop there, it's all good stuff. http://www.benmeadows.com/

Patrick said...

That's what I was going to say. Either an ax (or hatchet if the trees are on the small side) and/or a bowsaw. The bowsaw is probably more useful for pruning or cutting a tree that's already down, maybe cutting down a very small tree, and the ax is for felling the larger trees. Both the bowsaw and ax have a bit of a learning curve if you've never used them before.

For both tools, you may want to go out and get something cheap now, then look for nicer tools after you know you need them. Both cheap bowsaws and axes work reasonably well.

Felling trees can be dangerous. Be sure to read up on it, and start with small trees until you get an idea of what you're doing. It's also a good idea to have an extra person around to help out if something goes wrong.

Alan said...

Cool Mower! Still like my grass powered ones, but they are harder to keep out of the garden. For non gas powered felling equipment I like Lehman's http://www.lehmans.com/. they have a good supply of saws, axes, and other things you might need. It is a somewhat dicey project, so proceed with care.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the great comments. The wood I'm looking to cut would be naturally fallen trees. The diameters of the trees obviously would vary, but a saw that is a little more heavy duty than a standard backyard bow saw would be handy.