05 July 2008

Perennial Attraction

When in the garden we're never really alone. With a few hamlets of flowers, Meg and I have attracted civilizations of insects. Soon we hope to increase this magnetism with creative trellising that will shape up to bring obelisks of morning glories and a wall of cardinal climbers.


Robbyn said...

Oh man, tell me you have a Grandpa Ott among those morning glories?? Cardinal climbers?? ahhhh bliss!!! I'm stifling my jealousy only with great effort :)

CeeCee said...

I love all the insects the garden brings. Especially the "good" ones. :)

meg's mom said...

Awesome picture!

Kelly said...

Hello Robbyn,
I'm not sure what variety of morning glories we have. They're seeds we saved from last years plants and to be honest I lost the packet they came in.

Hey CeeCee,
The good ones are great, but those bad ones just gotta go.

Sup Laurel,
Yeah, Meg has a pretty good eye.

Farmgirl Susan said...

You're right - I think it is the same butterfly! : )

P.S. Your garden looks wonderful!