09 August 2008

Field Trip

Kelly's mom and stepdad came to visit this weekend, so we took advantage of the very un-August-like weather and went to Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne, PA. I highly recommend checking this place out if you're ever in the Philadelphia area. It's awesome.

High up on a hill, overlooking the whole place, is the old estate house:

There are streams and ponds everywhere:
Some really fantastic cold frames outside of the giant vegetable garden:
A cute springhouse:

And an enormous potting shed:
Their pool looks a whole lot nicer than ours. Imagine that.
In keeping with the name of the garden, there were rooster sculptures everywhere:

And also interesting chairs:

And really cool little boxes that held the plant lists for each area of the garden:

And, of course, the plants:


meg's mom said...

Wow - that place looks awesome! Who lived there originally?

Observer Of Life said...

Beautiful photography.