16 August 2008

Movin' Shit Around

The brassica beds were spent and man they looked like hell. A major drag about floating row covers is that they make a swell place for weeds to grow unnoticed. Actually, that's a lie. We did notice the weeds, bud it's a bit of a pain to take down and repitch the cover on a regular basis. On top of some desperately needed weeding we also wanted to reposition the beds to make the space a little friendlier for walking and running hoses. It was a shit load of work and well worth it.

After the pulling and digging, we planted some Fall seeds. The bed next to Meg is spinach and the one next to that is bush beans. There were a number of other beds that were put into rotation, and in those we planted lettuce, carrots, and chard.

The nights have been pretty cool so hopefully the greens will germinate. The rain harvester is at maximum capacity, so keeping these buggers wet for a week will be a cinch.


Bobbi said...

Cool! Looks like it will be a nice fall garden!

Kelly said...

Hello Bobbi,
We sure hope so. Cheers.

Maya said...

Gotta love the cardboard, eh? I swear we have a forests worth of cardboard slowly decomposing under our own beds too. Do you leave it exposed all season, or is it just maintaining the walkway?

Kelly said...

Hey Maya,
Right now we are mainly concerned with keeping the paths weed free. We will keep the cardboard where it is and eventually bury it with mulch and dirt.