12 August 2008

That's More Like It

The tomatoes have been trickling in for the past couple of weeks, but today all our plants conspired and decided it was time to get serious. We harvested 10 pounds of tomatoes and left many pink ones to ripen for a few more days. I predict that within a week we'll be cranking out tomato sauce like crazy. Pictured are Brandywines, Goldies, Yellow Pears, Amish Pastes, an unknown variety of fuzzy peach tomatoes, and an unknown variety of black tomatoes.


Bobbi said...

Yummy - tomatoes! I love the Brandywines!

Stephanie said...

Im a tad jealous...our tomatoes are still green :( BTW congrats on the canning adventure. Mind sharing that recipe for the quick dills?

Anonymous said...

Nice...ours are not quite there! But you are pushing me to believe they won't be long!

Meg said...

Bobbi, I agree! Brandywines are awesome--definitely my favorite big, beefsteak-type variety.

Stephanie, sure! We're making another round of pickles tomorrow, which I'm sure we'll blog about, and we'll put the recipe up then.

Vegmonkey, any tomatoes yet? I hate the waiting game but once they start coming in, yum! Totally worth it.