16 November 2008

What would your mama think, pretty Peggy-O?

So, Peggy-O got killed by a hawk. It had gotten into the pen somehow—through a hole in the deer netting, we think. Poor Bertha is all alone and traumatized.

Peggy-O was sort of our middle child chicken. Stella was huge and dominating; Bertha is little and neurotic. Peggy was just a goof.

This is her hangin' in front of the coop on the day that we got the chickens. They were a few months old at the time, and in pissed-off adolescent style, Peggy-O ran away from home that night. We found her the next morning, high up in a pine tree, and we had to chase her down with a bamboo pole.

She also survived at least one hawk attack in the past. Afterward, she ground off all her head feathers as a result of trying to squeeze herself inside a cinder block to hide. Poor, bald, dead Peggy-O.

We'll miss her, and her monstrous eggs.

R.I.P. Peggy-O (July 2006–15 November 2008)


meg's mom said...

Oh God!! This is awful - poor Peggy O.

Anonymous said...

So sad! I know hawks have to eat, but...poor Peggy-O. What will neurotic Bertha do all alone?

sugarcreekstuff said...

So sorry about Peggy. If you live close to Michigan, I have a couple of Dark Cornish hens I could spare for Bertha.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh :-(. Hugs to you and Kelly - poor Peggy-O.

Anonymous said...

Poor Peggy-O! Better luck on the wheel the next time. I hope she comes back as a pampered house cat. Now that's the life!

Dan of Henbogle