04 December 2008

I Married a Vegetarian

Meg's reasons for vegetarianism are not for the rights of animals (well sort of), but more for reasons concerning her health and the health of the environment. Recently we purchased a quarter of a cow from a farmer Chris and Jude know and...

Meg has had her first burger in eight years.


John said...

it's about damn time. now lets go out for a burger and beer.

meg's mom said...

Holy @%&%!! This is big news! Who wouldn't eat them - they look delicious.

Robbyn said...

Whoa, how'd it go?? Those burgers look great!

Patrick said...

I'm vegetarian too, for the same reason as Meg. I wouldn't eat one of these burgers, mostly because I'm just not interested in eating meat anymore. Honestly, they don't look very attractive to me.

If I had been able to find this kind of meat over the last 25 years, I probably never would have become vegetarian.

frugalmom said...

AND???? Did you like it? Love it? Never gonna do it again.....

Kylee said...

We want to hear from Meg!

I'll bet those burgers were YUMMY!

Arno said...

I have heared that human flesh is also very tastefull. What is the reason that we are not canibals anymore?

I have never eaten fear in my whole live.

Kelly said...


I don't believe that she'll just eat any meat. However, we will drink just about any beer.


Yes, holy shit is right.


It went well. I was concerned that she might get sick, but all was good.


I hear what you're saying. What's crazy is this meat cost less per pound than the poorest quality stuff at the market.

Frugal Mom,

She dug it. We're not making the jump to rare steaks just yet, but the first go around was good.


Meg just assured me that she'll post about her meat experience soon.


I really don't know how to answer that question. I wonder if there would be any issues of under population. That still doesn't address eating fear, but I'll just have to let that one slide.

Robbyn said...

I just saw your comment about the meat costing less than the poorest quality supermarket meat...I just got back from the store a minute ago. Did you know that in my area, THE cheapest cut of ground beef is $3.99/lb??? Holy schnike!!