09 January 2009

Grace in small things #11

1. Today I got to play with clay for the first time in weeks.

2. Meg plans to make risotto this evening.

3. This kind of goes with number one, but today I started to make a chess set. It may take a while. Right now I can't sculpt for shit; my brain and my hands are speaking two totally different languages.

4. The Criterion Collection

5. Playing mind games with our cat.


Judy said...

holy crap! Are you going to sculpt a chess set? Me too! It's my to do this year. What's your subject? I'm flowers versus insects. Hang.

Anonymous said...

Sculpting a chess set? Ooof, that's more than I could do - even a pinchpot like we made in 5th grade is hard for me. Mind games....mmmm... cats have real personalities.

Kelly said...

Howdy Judy,
I won't have a specific theme, but I want to avoid any glazes and really play off of the textures of raw clay. We'll see how it goes.

Hello Local Zone,
I think our cat may be bi-polar:)