12 January 2009

Grace in small things #14

1. The clay studio reopened today.

2. I've had "When I Paint My Masterpiece" (a Jerry Garcia Band version) in my head for two days now.

3. Meg is my barber.

4. Flâneurie.

5. At this very moment Meg is armed with her Nikon.


Anonymous said...

Is the clay studio yours that you run for others, or one that you go to yourself? Looking forward to your report on the clay chessboard :-)

CatHerder said...

Beautiful pic!!! They opened a clay studio a few blocks from me...i need to check it out to see if they will sell me kiln time for making beads...happy monday...yeah, those Jerry Garcia songs have a way of creeping into your head and not leaving :-)

Kelly said...

Hey Local Zone,
So when I first saw your name on our comment board I thought it said "living in a calzone." Then I read it closer, realized my error, but continue to refer to you as a calzone. I can't help it, it stuck.

But anywho, I do not own or run a clay studio (it would be nice if I did). The studio I am referring to is at a local spot with membership fees, class tuition, and the what not. I made two chess pieces and will wait to see how much the clay shrinks when it's fired before I commit to the whole set.

Hello Cat Herder,
I took this shot at the Pinnacle, which is the highest point on the AT in Pennsylvania.