23 January 2009

Grace in small things #25

1. Meg and I had dinner with some good friends.

2. I just finished the first week of the semester.

3. Guess who's sleeping in tomorrow.

4. I got to talk to my Ma today.

5. There was some serious housekeeping done to my filing cabinets at school.


Nancy said...

Always be thankful for small things, as they add up to big things eventually.

Tammy said...

I look forward to your "grace" posts every day. No pressure....

Also? What is this a photo of? It's beautiful!

Kelly said...

Hey Nancy,
Yes they do. Even though I'm doing all the posts for this project, it is a collaboration between Meg and I, and it has been great fun sharing all the positive things that have happened to us each day.

Hi there Tammy,
No pressure at all. The photo was taken last Fall at the River of Rocks, which is in the valley of Hawk Mountain.