25 January 2009

Grace in small things #27

1. Falling Water never gets old.

2. The sun is setting right now and it is gorgeous.

3. James Baldwin's Notes of a Native Son. Both Meg and I teach first year composition and our theme is gender, race, and class. In a way, all of the readings we assign touch on these three qualities, but this one is an obvious nod towards race. It's always interesting to how students react to these readings.

4. Speaking of school, Meg and I got a lot of work done today. If we can get some prep done over the weekend, it always makes for a smoother week to follow.

5. Meg does the taxes. Believe it not, this is a grace for the both of us. I have no mind for taxes or anything of the sort, but thankfully, Meg looks forward to the challenge.


J said...

I'm not stalking you, I promise! I just really love these posts you all do. Thanks.

Fignatz said...

Grace in small things #27/a: Your concept of these "grace" posts. Very effective, and thanks from me too.