27 January 2009

Grace in small things #29

1. I had a research grant approved. The project will be to work on a replacement for the current text we use for our Basic English class. The end result will be a more effective learning and teaching tool, and it will save our students a shitload of cash.

2. Would anyone like to Tanqueray?

3. Nonstop Jazz.

4. Nonstop Classical.

5. With luck and charm, Meg has gained a private parking spot at the train station.


Laurel said...

congratulations on the research grant!

Dan said...


The grant approval sounds like a great opportunity. I work in a 7-8 middle school as a Technology Integrator. (I've taught from grade 4 to 8 and was a HS library for 4 years as well.) Anyway, will any of your investigation of class material lean toward going digital? I'm thinking along the lines of delivering digital content via Moodle, WebCT, or Blackboard. Just curious...

Dan of Henbogle

hyd said...

enjoying your graces!

Kelly said...

Wow! I need to keep up on my replies. Sorry for the delay all.


Thank you. The proposal is going through the final approval stages tomorrow. If it's going to fly, we'll know by next week.


A big component will be digital. We want to allow the freedom to bring visual and audio elements into the lesson plans. My school supports Blackboard, so we may use it in the beginning, but we were just approved for additional server space that will give faculty their own web space. When our plans are a bit more solidified, I'll send you an outline.


Thank you.