07 January 2009

Grace in small things #9

1. The syllabi are done, man! Meg and I are so ready for the start of the Spring semester. We're a well oiled machine I tell ya.

2. No obligations during an ice storm.

3. When confusion is addressed with a sense of humor.

4. My red hooded sweatshirt.

5. A hot bath. I actually just took a soak for the first time in years; it was great. I thought that maybe I could catch up on some reading (all of my journals came in last week), but my glasses got all fogged up.


Anonymous said...

Hooded sweatshirt, mmmm. I love my gray hoodie on cold nights to pull over my head getting home from work. Cozy. Especially during that ice storm!

CatHerder said...

I like the idea of #5...we have been in this house for 7 years...we have the BIGGEST walk in shower you have ever seen. The previous owners had it built for a wheelchair...so i use the shower every day instead of the tub...we all do...it looks so lonely...i suspect a relaxing soak with candles is out of the question in our animal house anyway!

Irma said...

Hey Kelly & Meg, I discovered your blog just the other day (I think I linked in through "Homesteading in a Condo", but I can't swear to it) and have just finished reading every word of the archives. Can't wait to read about your upcoming developments. Thanks for sharing!