09 February 2009

Grace in small things #35

1. Meg saved Bertha from a possible hawk attack.

2. itunes u. If you've never heard of this, and you value education, you gotta check this out.

3. Cabbage and Potato Soup.

olive oil
garlic (none of that jarred shit)
1 part cut onion
2 parts sliced potato
2 parts chopped cabbage
2 parts water

sweat garlic and onion in hot olive oil
add potatoes, water, and a bit of salt
bring to light boil
cook until potatoes are mashable
mash in pot
add cabbage and cook over medium heat for a little bit

Sorry for the recipe delay, Local Zone.

4. The Honda's washer fluid is full.

5. It was warm enough today that I could drive with the windows cracked.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the recipe! I have loads of both cabbage and potatoes, so this looks like it will make it to the table this week :-)
And driving with the windows down is a joyful thing indeed. Really, it *is* the little the little things....