15 February 2009

Grace in Small Things #39

57. Michael Perry strikes again. For those of you who have been with us a while, perhaps you will recall a post we did in review of Michael's book, Truck: a Love Story. Well, the other day we received this gem (pictured) in the mail from his publishing company. It was pretty cool that they thought of us and sent a galley copy. The actual release date will be April 21st in hard cover. Hopefully I'll have the time to read this copy over Spring break. If so, we'll be sure to post another review.

8. To make a book theme of today's post, we also have a copy of Vanished Gardens, a book about Philadelphia, by Sharon White who is a professor at Temple University. This book is in the queue to be reviewed.

13. The book list goes on. Meg's former writing center director at Moravian College, Joyce Hinnefeld, published a book this past Fall titled In Hovering Flight. Meg said that she is just about finished reading it and will be sure to post a review.

4. I've been working on my own bit of fiction. It has two narrators who exist in each others' subconscious. I think I'll leave it at that.

8. This weekend has been consumed with reading student essays. I must say that I have been privileged this semester with some very creative students.


Gardeness said...

Hope it's a good read.

John said...

dude... your numbers. now it's just making me sick.

Robbyn said...

Man, I'd have loved to have instructors like you two! Can't wait to read your book...definately going to check out the Perry book