23 February 2009

Grace in small things #41

1. Erotic spray bottles.

2. The Dean approved my relocation to a new office space.

3. For lunch, Meg had a some leftover tuna sandwich.

4. Meg did something to my computer so I can watch YouTube videos again. It had something to do with my flash player.

5. I received a confirmation that our seed order has been processed. I have a terrible itch to grow something.


jimmycrackedcorn said...

#1...yes it is! Very funny!

Rick said...

You are not alone in feeling that itch already. I am seriously concerned that mine may break out into a rash before spring.

Kylee said...

As I look out at the snow on the ground and crab yet again about it STILL being winter, your post is a reminder to me to stop crabbing about it! There are still so many things that make me smile each day! Thanks for the bop on the noggin'!

our friend Ben said...

Good deal!!!