05 September 2009

We're sure you've seen enough

Even the littlest gardens are susceptible to blight. We could post the photos, but most of you have had it yourself, and need not see more.

Our Squash have also fallen victim to vine borers. We were on top of them for a good part of the season, but we over planted the beds and they eventually became so tight that we couldn't keep track of what was and was not done. By the end, none were done, and they all went to shit.

Last week Meg tore out all the summer squash and planted some late greens in their place. Today I removed the winter squash and all of the tomatoes. The garden is looking a little naked.

We did learn a lot from our first quick season. Our goal for next year is to go more vertical. The tomato trellis was a huge success (while the plants were living) and we believe that next year's squash should receive similar treatment. It should be pretty bad ass. But in the mean time, the beans are still doing well, our herb garden is bangin' it out, and the root veggies are looking quite strong.


John said...

sorry for your loss. you and your garden will be in my thoughts and prayers. remember, its small set-backs like this that make us stronger and succeed in life.

Ben said...

I notice you got some chickens. I thought they were a no-no in town. did you go with Dead inspired names again? love the blog.

our friend Ben said...

I feel your pain. Damned late blight! GRRRRRR. But I must say, I think your beds look great, even semi-nude as they are. And I, too, thought I was seeing chickens in there. I hope so, anyway! As for the garden, I think you all have done a fantastic job for the first season, and the great thing about gardening is, as Scarlett O'Hara famously said, "Tomorrow is another day!" Keep on keeping on.