05 January 2010

Let It Roll

We used a little bit of our Christmas loot to invest in George Harrison's Let It Roll.

Both Meg and I grew up with parents who listened to and love the Beatles. To no surprise we too became big fans of The Fab Four. I was not quite five when Lennon died and although I remember it clearly, I think a lot of the emotions I felt were simply a response to my mother's reaction to the incident. Meg wasn't born yet—close, but not yet.

I watched a lot of MTV in the Eighties so George Harrison was the Beatle I got to grow up with. When he died I was 25 and I was devastated. If I wasn't so damn self aware or something I probably would have worn a black armband. I know that sounds cheezy, but I just felt like I could have done something to show that I cared, but I didn't even do that (sigh). Meg was working at a music store and she was in charge of designing the George Harrison display. Three years later we would meet and three years after that we would get married. I know that has nothing to do with George Harrison, but...

Let it Roll is fantastic. If by some strange stretch of time Meg and I were at a party with the Beatles, we would probably spend the most time with George. The cat was real. You know, I'm still pretty damn young, but the album gave me flashbacks of my childhood that felt like forever ago, and it was good.


AuroraSkye said...

Good taste! George is wonderful! I was devastated when he died too (way too young in my opinion).

I love his music and his passion. :-)

AuroraSkye said...

PS: I love your cat, Lego! He is sooo cute! How is he doing?