10 April 2010

Kickin' it at Crayola

A couple weeks ago we were invited by some of the folks at Crayola to do a little garden workshop for kids. The event was targeted towards teaching kids how to live healthy. There were all sorts of workshop activities designed to show kids how play is exercise, how nature is cool, bike safety, and other stuff like that.

Our little area was all about growing your own food. We showed the kids how to make newspaper pots and then we gave them some dirt and a seed. The seeds we brought were nasturtiums, bush beans, and basil—We figured that we would go with all edibles.

The turn out was pretty good and I guess we made quite a connection, because we've been invited back to give a how-to talk about starting your own backyard garden. Crayola's community outreach is pretty awesome and they are very environmentally aware.

Below are just a few of the kids we met at the workshop. Oh yeah, we had them decorate the pots too. They really seemed to enjoy it.

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irrigation systems said...

Great idea! Looks like the kids had fun!