23 May 2010

Best Start Yet

This is the beginning of our fifth garden together and it is kicking ass.

We started tomatoes indoors sometime in early to mid February and the plants we put in the ground a week ago were over a foot and a half tall. They were actually getting to be a bit unruly, so next year we may wait a little longer before we start the seeds.

The lettuce and arugula are rockin'. We don't have a cold frame (yet), so we started some seeds indoors. When our indoor seedlings were about an inch or two tall, we planted them outside with some onion starts. About a week after, we direct seeded more lettuce in between rows of peas. We're eating off the first batch and the second set will be ready in no time.

Also thriving in our front and back gardens are:

  • hot peppers (four varieties)
  • sweet peppers
  • corn
  • potatoes (three varieties)
  • soup beans
  • bush beans
  • summer squash
  • shallots
  • spinach
  • strawberries
  • garlic (it's almost scape time)
  • cucumbers
  • watermelon
  • basil
  • dill
  • cilantro
  • oregano (or marjoram, we're not sure)
  • thyme
  • sage
  • fennel
  • elderberries 
  • wine berries (thanks Kate and Tom)
  • lemon balm (thanks again Kate and Tom)
  • oodles of flowers
There's a whole bunch of other crazy shit goin' on that we can't wait to share, so hang tight. 

Oh yeah, it has come to our attention that blogger is not allowing everyone to leave comments. I don't know what's wrong, so please know that it's them, not us :)


Anonymous said...

If I didn't see it for myself, it'd be hard to believe you could get all of that in your garden. Great job! Laurel

steph said...

Wow, that looks super.

frugalmom said...

Your garden looks fabulous! I love those raised beds. We just recently moved and had to leave our raised beds behind...sigh... I miss them!

Kate said...

I hope the wineberries work out for you guys. The lemon balm I have few doubts about. The German tomato you gave us is in the ground now with the rest of them. It's already got blossoms on it.

It looks as though you're all done planting already, no? We're still in crunch time with our garden, but the end of the main planting is in sight. Too bad there's no end of weeding...

Irrigation Systems said...

That is an impressive list you have there. I'd be interested to know how you divide things up in terms of growing conditions and arrangement. Good luck!

Kelly said...

Hello Laurel,
It's always good to have a witness. Thanks for lookin' out.

Hey Steph,
Why thank you. It's good to hear from you. Tell Patrick we said hi.

Hi Frugal Mom,
Yeah leaving a garden behind is kinda rotten, but I must say that a fresh canvas ain't to bad either.

Hi Kate,
The wineberries were flourishing in the bucket so I think they'll love their new non-container home. There are a few more items left to plant, but yeah, it's just about all in. I guess that's an upside to tiny gardening.

Hello Irrigation Systems,
All I can say is John Jeavons, How to Grow More Vegetables.

Jana said...

Fabulous-I love how much you've done in a small space. You've inspired me!