30 June 2010

The Summer so far (part 4)

I think I'll need about three more of these posts and we should be up to speed.

The farmers' markets are back and in full swing. Last year we went to five local markets to see what they had to offer. After a careful comparison of our needs to what the growers had and what we produced ourselves, we narrowed our marketing to one location. The only changes or additions we'll have to make for next year for a complete local produce commitment are that we need to buy a CSA share and take advantage of local pick-your-owns.

Last year we had set a challenge for ourselves to not buy any produce from the supermarket. We lasted about six months (May to November) before we had to hoist the white flag. We continued to buy seasonally, but the farmers probably weren't from our area. However, the experiment did give us some good data for the next attempt.

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