27 August 2010

We'll be around

Howdy all. The students are back and the semester has officially started. I've been in meetings for a while now, so spending time in class has been a great change of pace. 

The East 40 community garden is moving steadily forward. We've attracted a committee of over thirty people to help get this thing going and I'm feeling confident that we'll break ground in the Spring.

Meg is doing awesome (sorry for the goofy photo, but on this computer it's all I got). Blueberry (temp name for the kid) is at 21 weeks. We go to the midwife again on Wednesday for our next check up. I can't even think of a time that I've been this happy.

However, there is an unfortunate reality that has settled in—between expecting a child, teaching classes, planning a 4.5 acre community garden, and going back to school for my PhD, I have to understand that the blog posts will be few and far between. There was a while there that I could get a good post-a-day in, but lately...

We're still out there reading blogs and we will be giving updates when we can, but in the meantime please know that we'll be kicking asses mostly off line.

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Anonymous said...

welcome back!! Laurel