16 May 2011

Just in time

This morning, Jude and I went outside to chase a rabbit and survey the garden scene.  After a night of heavy rain, the dirt was charcoal-black and the greens had the perk of Spring adolescence.

Yesterday, the three of us spent the majority of our morning pulling a few weeds and relocating various volunteers. We had a decent rain the night before, so working the dirt was a simple pleasure. After we got the soil ready, we mapped out the beds and planted our seeds. As it stands, everything is in except our tomatoes and peppers; those we'll harden off and plant next week. (About a week after that we'll start another round of greens.)

Shortly after we planted the last of the seeds and brought in the tools it started to rain again—it's supposed to be a wet one all week. We really couldn't have picked a better time to plant. The seeds are properly soaked and by Saturday the sun should be out to spark their germination.


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Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice to have an extra set of hands to help? ;o)