06 August 2011

Learning to blog with an ipad

I haven't figured out how to post photos with an iPad, so until we get back to our desktops, please pardon the text only posts.

The three of us are in Ithaca. We're on our way to a lake house in Geneva and we wanted to break up the trip a bit. The original plan was to camp at Watkins Glen State Park, but we unfortunately got rained out.

A heads up: New York parks don't give rain checks if you call the day of. Maybe no parks in any states do, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.

So plan B is Ithaca. Actually we were going to stop Ithaca for a bit tomorrow, but we decided to hell with it and made the town a larger part of our agenda. We sorry that we didn't get to see Watkins Glen or take Jude on his first camping trip, but as expected, Ithaca has not disappointed us. This place is fantastic.


Grace said...

Ithaca is one of me favorite cities. No end to the organic and progressive farms in that area and beautiful scenery.

pixymagic said...

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