24 July 2012

Garlic Harvest

I finally got around to pulling the garlic. It's been sitting on this screen door for a few days and the plan is to let it stay there a few more. After about a week I'll cut the stems and trim the roots and then probably let it sit a little more. In the past, our garlic seemed to get a little funky unusually early. Hardneck garlic should at  least keep until the next planting, but ours did not. My guess is that we never let it dry long enough, so this year I plan to let it sit a little longer. It's been incredibly dry and hot around here, so the conditions are perfect for this little chore.

The variety we got is called German Extra Hardy. Some of the bulbs got enormous. My plan is keep half for eating and then plant the rest. If time allows I may also get a second variety to diversify the crop a bit. We'll see.

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