12 August 2012


As I had mentioned forever ago, in our quest to be urban-dwelling-locavores we accumulate food from three primary sources: our community garden plot, our backyard garden, and from a CSA. I suppose that there should be a forth source, which is our farmer's market, but that input is pretty small (I'll still try to post about it).

Photoed above is what our CSA pick up looks like. We currently only get a half share, which runs us ~$400.00 a season; and a season is every week from the end of May to the end of October. This box looks a little light, because it doesn't have the abundance of squash and potatoes that we've been getting lately, but as tomatoes come into full swing it will start bulking up again.

We think of our CSA as the food producer for standard veggies that we could grow in our backyard, but by obtaining them this way it allows us to use our limited space for other veggie necessities.

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